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I like to think that I’m a pretty good judge of my own character. That is if you were to ask me to describe myself and one of my friends to describe me, both of our descriptions would be very similar. My view of myself is neither substantially better nor worse than someone else’s might be.

I know where my strengths lie and where I could use a little work.  I’m funny, I’m smart, I can write like a beast, and I’m a veritable cavalcade of useless facts and information. But the more I write and try to let my freelance flag fly, the more I realize that I am terrible at marketing and self-promotion.

I can build a fancy website, but then I just cross my fingers and hope the internet fairies take care of the rest. I don’t know how to go about getting people to visit the…

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I am finally a freelance writer

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The Cat's Write

It happened. I wrote an article and I was paid to do it. Albeit, I was only paid $10 and the article was small (300+ words), but any writer will understand that it’s a big deal to finally get paid for your work, especially when an opportunity for ongoing collaboration may be involved!


You can find the article in question at the Tutor’s Field website, where I recounted my experience studying abroad in England. It’s so strange seeing my own work posted on another site – and listed anonymously too!

But how did this freelancing come about!?

Last year I made it very clear I was having trouble even joining some freelance sites (a.k.a Upwork), which continue to maintain (even years later), that they are flooded with ‘too many writers’.


After months of trying and multiple attempts to verify my account using a number of different strategies recommended to me…

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