Simply how much Will a Website Cost?


You want a website for your business. Simply how much can it cost? That’s usually the first question which comes up. It should be easy to answer, right?

Sorry but No!

The very best analogy, and quite often cited, is building a house. You would like to develop a new home, how much can it cost? Needless to say, you do not know. It depends about the size of your house, the quality of the materials, where the home is plus a host of other factors. Some of these are influenced by your financial allowance (mortgage!)

I will offer an estimate according to similar website projects but for an accurate website quotation, I’ll have to know more.

Let’s create a plan
An internet site is not as complex being a house (phew!) but there must be a web site plan. It would add a set of requirements, the website content…

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Thank You Salesforce…

Sara Has No Limits

no-limits-road-sign-260nw-72594046So this was my last week at Salesforce. For over a year, I had a blast working with some of the most talented writers and editors on the Trailhead team. We did some incredible things and it was a bit like riding on the top of a rocket ship. I’m super proud of all that I accomplished during my time with the team, but it’s time to move on.

What’s Next?

It is time for me to take a step back and return to the things that I really love the most- teaching people about technology and doing development work. I am already in talks with the fabulous people at Pluralsight about doing some new courses. I am also talking with other people about development work.

For the time being, I am just going to function as a freelance developer and author. I may consider accepting a full-time role in…

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Freelance Full-Stack Developer

We’re looking for a freelance full-stack developer in the Bristol or nearby area – please get in touch or spread the word: Front-end to include JavaScript (some React would also be helpful), and any back-end and databases environments considered (ideally open-source technologies). The work will be mainly developing proof-of-concepts. Some work likely starting early March, though can be flexible.

Full-stack freelancer sought