About RAS


About RAS

Ras is a freelance designer based in Sydney who focuses on providing high quality content to all her clients.

Graphic Design – Web Design – Multimedia – Illustration – Stop Motion Animation – Photography

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Dream Job.

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Zoe Portway

I think it’s hard to say what my dream job would be. In all honesty, it changes from week to week. When I was younger I always wanted to be a fashion photographer for Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar but that seems rather far fetched recently. I think advertising for any sort of fashion would be perfect for me, whether that’s for high street shops, such as New Look, online stores like ASOS, or any other fashion aspect. I think it’s hard to know exactly what I want to do because I’m changing in myself frequently but one thing remains consistent in my personal life and that is fashion and makeup. From this I feel like any jobs in fashion and/or makeup would be perfect for me, and if that job means I get to take fun, creative images then that would be ideal.

I am often inspired by makeup and…

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Blog #38 – Postgraduate Study Fair!

Jessica Harnell Photography


The Post-Graduate Fair! This was a big opportunity for me to attend to potentially discover a future pathway after graduation and carry on further and higher study! I booked my place in and checked in at 3pm. I was informed about what was going on throughout the event. Luckily I am already an undergrad at the University already, therefore, I am aware of the facilities, staff and also the expectations of higher education study due to currently almost completing my undergraduate course.

This is a potential consideration post-grad, and expanding on my study, apart of the Digital Media MA. I enquired about the student finance required which was incredibly clear and extremely helpful. All the staff were very considerate and able to direct/advised me to certain tables at the event. The whole event was a drop in from 3pm till 6pm, with various talks about taught and research post-grad…

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About Me

Kaelyn Bell

My name is Kaelyn Laliberte. I’m in the process of getting my name changed so my last name will soon be Bell due to my dad’s wishes. I am 17 years old, 18 in April. I am a creative writer and I’ve loved writing fictional stories since I was in grade 7. I have always loved English class but at the same time it bored me because I was so good at writing I didn’t learn a lot. I will be graduating this year and am going to Sask Polytechnic to take media production. Anything to do with writing, filming, photography, etc. Really interests me and along with taking media production I hope to start my own career as a freelance writer.

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