The Predicaments of Freelancing

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“Oh wow, your self-employed that’s amazing, you must be making loads.”

a2494f63c3981b1e4f1583003d83a4adA sentence I hear all to often. Let’s break it down to my answers to it. Self-employment CAN be amazing. But it can also be the most horrific life choice I have ever made. I certainly do not make loads and previous years seen be go months without a dime. 

However like any job it does have it’s up’s and down’s.  I work in the marketing and PR industry, and trust me it isn’t as glamorous as some may think. I chose to brave it as a freelancer for one main reason – freedom. The freedom to chose my working hours and days, the freedom to express my creativity, the freedom to chose when I spend time with my daughter. Many working places cannot offer that (my previous job was the WORST for it) and I was not okay…

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Balance… And Flex

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Megan Rose Freelance Copywriter

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Those of you who follow my blog will know I tend
to write about copywriting or about freelancing, and that my posts are often on
the short-and-sweet side, rather than the long and wordy. Today’s offering is a
bit different. Today, I have my soapbox out. Prepare yourselves.

The thing is, this is an issue close to my heart,
and close to the hearts of a lot of people I know, respect and value. And the
post has been fermenting for a while, slowly taking shape as I weave together
issues like flexible working, gender equality, balance in the workplace and
diversity in general.

Not much then.

Now’s your chance to step away. You have been
warned. If you’re still with us, fasten your seatbelt and come along for the

But with such a lot to cover, where do I start?
Well, gender equality is as…

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