Britt McCamey

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Britt McCamey

There is no
denying that the life of a freelance beauty professional is quite challenging,
but it do come with some great benefits. Working as a freelance beautician or
stylist is a great way of earning some money, expanding your services and get
moving. Not just this, working as a stylist gives you the flexibility to work
as per your needs.

To help understand work of a freelance stylist in a better way, we are going to share the words of i-D Australia’s Fashion Editor- Britt Mccamey.

Britt McCamey

  • Flexibility– Being a freelance beauty professional, you have the flexibility to work at a time and place that best suits your needs. You do not need to stay away from your kids and family members for a long time, but can manage your professional commitments as your time permits. Not just this, you are in charge of how many clients you want…

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