Anne Stokes

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Anne Stokes is a fantasy artist who’s professional career started in 2000. Originating in London, England, Anne Stokes began her career as a merchandise designer, often designing for bands such as Queen and the Rolling Stones. Her early career also consisted of designing jewelry and sculpting. Anne Stokes’s artwork is featured on a few album covers, such as Sirenia’s Perils of the Deep Blue. She has also illustrated for Wizards of the Coast, a gaming company, mainly for editions 3.5 through 4 of Dungeons and Dragons. Anne Stokes is currently working as a freelance artist in Yorkshire, England and working with the Art Ask Agency to have her paintings transformed into posters, clothing, sculptures, and other products.

I chose Anne Stokes, because, since I discovered her and her art in around 2012, she has inspired me to continue making art and to experiment in both subject and media. She…

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What it’s like to be young and unemployed.

ATP Kieran- A Life Story

Spoiler alert: it’s shit.

So I haven’t written a personal blog in something like 4 and a half years, so this could get messy. To sum up the last 4 years of my life, went to uni, became management of a student radio station, presented a radio show on BBC Radio 1 to 8 million+ listeners, started volunteering doing media for a women’s football team, got nominated for a national student radio award, graduated uni with a decent degree, got a decent job, got engaged to a wonderful girl, planned to do a PGCE so I could go into teaching… And then it all went to shit.

So after graduating I was fortunate enough to get an internship working in the marketing department of my university on an 8 month contract. I loved my time there, but ultimately, it was a fixed term contract so I had to have an…

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Blog #38 – Postgraduate Study Fair!

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The Post-Graduate Fair! This was a big opportunity for me to attend to potentially discover a future pathway after graduation and carry on further and higher study! I booked my place in and checked in at 3pm. I was informed about what was going on throughout the event. Luckily I am already an undergrad at the University already, therefore, I am aware of the facilities, staff and also the expectations of higher education study due to currently almost completing my undergraduate course.

This is a potential consideration post-grad, and expanding on my study, apart of the Digital Media MA. I enquired about the student finance required which was incredibly clear and extremely helpful. All the staff were very considerate and able to direct/advised me to certain tables at the event. The whole event was a drop in from 3pm till 6pm, with various talks about taught and research post-grad…

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About Me

Kaelyn Bell

My name is Kaelyn Laliberte. I’m in the process of getting my name changed so my last name will soon be Bell due to my dad’s wishes. I am 17 years old, 18 in April. I am a creative writer and I’ve loved writing fictional stories since I was in grade 7. I have always loved English class but at the same time it bored me because I was so good at writing I didn’t learn a lot. I will be graduating this year and am going to Sask Polytechnic to take media production. Anything to do with writing, filming, photography, etc. Really interests me and along with taking media production I hope to start my own career as a freelance writer.

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Sarah Ford UI & Graphic art

Yo yo yo, I’m Sarah, and I’m a Freelance Concept/2D/UI artist with 8+ years experience in the games industry across multiple studios, platforms and genres.

I enjoy developing the UI look and feel, giving it its own voice and personality which matches with the themes and direction of the game – the same as if it were a character or environment in the game.

If you’d like to work with me to help you create something new, or if you’d like me to take a look at your project and help you find an art style for it, feel free to send me an email.

My Concept Art and Illustration work as well as broader archive of old projects can be found over at


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Simply how much Will a Website Cost?


You want a website for your business. Simply how much can it cost? That’s usually the first question which comes up. It should be easy to answer, right?

Sorry but No!

The very best analogy, and quite often cited, is building a house. You would like to develop a new home, how much can it cost? Needless to say, you do not know. It depends about the size of your house, the quality of the materials, where the home is plus a host of other factors. Some of these are influenced by your financial allowance (mortgage!)

I will offer an estimate according to similar website projects but for an accurate website quotation, I’ll have to know more.

Let’s create a plan
An internet site is not as complex being a house (phew!) but there must be a web site plan. It would add a set of requirements, the website content…

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Time goes on…

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So, here we go…

Three years later and we are having to revisit, not just for the fact that I really should do this more often, but also because my world is about to get turned upside down. I work for a big box retailer that has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and has decided that the store I work at is not to be part of the restructuring. No, they aren’t going to help me find a new job, nor did I expect them to. I feel sad for my co-workers, but to me, this is a blessing in disguise, the kick I needed to get out.

Okay, you may be asking, “Lhyz, why did you go to college for 6 years if you were just going to end up back in a box store?” It was to pay the bills. It was to keep my head above water…

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Amora Game Seeks Freelancers

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Tentacle Greg

Cover mockIn a few weeks, Amora Game will be releasing Art of War campaign setting. An anime martial arts inspired fantasy setting that is compatible with both Deluxe and Adventure edition of the Savage Worlds core rules. Amora Game looks to continue expanding the world of the San Empire through a series of small pdf releases, commonly called “one-sheets”. Amora Game has the intentions to release 36 one-sheets covering topics ranging from new Species, encounters, organizations, continuous adventures and world details.

In order to meet this hefty goal, Amora Game is looking to contract interested freelancers over the next couple of months starting the day after the publication release of Art of War. The company is look for fresh idea pitches to flesh out the world. They are also looking for writers willing to take on pre-outlined assignments. Amora Game looks to work with both established and new freelancers to…

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