Anne Stokes

Allie Cofrancesco's Online Portfolio

Anne Stokes is a fantasy artist who’s professional career started in 2000. Originating in London, England, Anne Stokes began her career as a merchandise designer, often designing for bands such as Queen and the Rolling Stones. Her early career also consisted of designing jewelry and sculpting. Anne Stokes’s artwork is featured on a few album covers, such as Sirenia’s Perils of the Deep Blue. She has also illustrated for Wizards of the Coast, a gaming company, mainly for editions 3.5 through 4 of Dungeons and Dragons. Anne Stokes is currently working as a freelance artist in Yorkshire, England and working with the Art Ask Agency to have her paintings transformed into posters, clothing, sculptures, and other products.

I chose Anne Stokes, because, since I discovered her and her art in around 2012, she has inspired me to continue making art and to experiment in both subject and media. She…

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