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Milky Malt Moo's Extravaganza

My name is Milky, I’m an artist, hoping for a career in freelance illustration! I really love to work with color pencils, pens, and watercolors. I am receiving art lessons in drawing, and have been passionate about art my whole life. Next year I will be attending college to do a level three course in art and design. After that I plan to do a foundation diploma in art, and then I hope to be able to fulfill my dream of studying Illustration at University!

I decided from a young age I was in love with cartoons and drawing, but it took me a while to realize it, and for it to become more than a simple hobby. For three years now I have taken it seriously, attempting to draw and study at least once a week despite other commitments. During this summer, after my exams, I hope to return…

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Anne Stokes

Allie Cofrancesco's Online Portfolio

Anne Stokes is a fantasy artist who’s professional career started in 2000. Originating in London, England, Anne Stokes began her career as a merchandise designer, often designing for bands such as Queen and the Rolling Stones. Her early career also consisted of designing jewelry and sculpting. Anne Stokes’s artwork is featured on a few album covers, such as Sirenia’s Perils of the Deep Blue. She has also illustrated for Wizards of the Coast, a gaming company, mainly for editions 3.5 through 4 of Dungeons and Dragons. Anne Stokes is currently working as a freelance artist in Yorkshire, England and working with the Art Ask Agency to have her paintings transformed into posters, clothing, sculptures, and other products.

I chose Anne Stokes, because, since I discovered her and her art in around 2012, she has inspired me to continue making art and to experiment in both subject and media. She…

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Illustrator Saturday – Khoa Le

ho chi minh , khoa le

Writing and Illustrating

Khoa Le is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and painter based in Vietnam. She describes her work as whimsical, dark, yet vibrant and combines traditional and digital processes to create her final pieces. Based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Khoa is the author and illustrator of numerous picture books. In addition to her work in publishing, she has a few other side jobs such as graphic designer and painter. As a painter, she has participated in several groups and 2 solo exhibitions, in Vietnam and other Asian countries. Khoa is also a proud mom of 5 cats.

Her work can be described as whimsical, dreamy and with a bit of fantasy. She loves details and can draw a mean line-art, so if she was not an illustrator, she would probably be a tattoo artist.

She is the winner of the Grand Prize Samsung KidsTime Authors Award 2015 (Singapore) and the…

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