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Milky Malt Moo's Extravaganza

My name is Milky, I’m an artist, hoping for a career in freelance illustration! I really love to work with color pencils, pens, and watercolors. I am receiving art lessons in drawing, and have been passionate about art my whole life. Next year I will be attending college to do a level three course in art and design. After that I plan to do a foundation diploma in art, and then I hope to be able to fulfill my dream of studying Illustration at University!

I decided from a young age I was in love with cartoons and drawing, but it took me a while to realize it, and for it to become more than a simple hobby. For three years now I have taken it seriously, attempting to draw and study at least once a week despite other commitments. During this summer, after my exams, I hope to return…

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Illustrator Saturday – Christina Wald

Christina Wald, University of Cincinnati

Writing and Illustrating

Christina Wald is a professional children’s book illustrator specializing in animal and science work. A prolific artist with over 20 years experience in the field, she has worked with numerous major publishers including Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Hachette, Penguin, and National Geographic, as well as on smaller-scale projects directly with authors.

Christina’s characters have a whimsical, anthropomorphized quality. She creates the majority of her work as traditional, hand-painted illustrations, though she works in a variety of media including digital and vector. All final artwork is sent to clients digitally, regardless of the media it is created in.

She holds a BS in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati, and is well-known for her work with licensed gaming products including Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Christina loves to combine her two passions: travel and illustration. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband – a toy engineer, and their two cats.

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Logistics and Operations

Contact Information:

Michael Williams 

(Northern California & Coastal Oregon)

E-mail:  WellDressedGuy@gmail.com

(415) 260-8612

My portfolio: www.oxenforde.wordpress.com


B.A. San Francisco State University—Theater

A.S. Sacramento City College—Railroad Operations

Work History:

2017 to current:  Freelance Technical Writer

2015 to current: Napa Valley Railroad (NVR) (Napa Valley Wine Train)—Conductor

Supervised train and train crew.  Performed switching operations using radios, hand signals and lanterns.  Communicated and reported information (telephone, radio, verbal, written and computer terminal).  Observed, interpreted and responded to signals.

2014 to 2015: Nordco Rail Services—Assistant Operator/Driver

Responsible for the safe operation and care of rail flaw detection vehicles.  Took direction from and assisted Chief Operator during testing activities. Ensured the vehicle had all required documentation.   Maintained and submitted accurate driver log, fuel reports and other required documentation.  Used mechanical technical training.

2013 to 2014: The Lumenaris Group—Manufacturing Assistant

Operated three-axis CNC mill.  Operated two-axis…

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Illustrator Saturday – Amberin Huq

Amberin Huq, Stew Magazine, University College Falmouth

Writing and Illustrating

Amberian Huq is a freelance illustrator living and working in London. She specializes in narrative storytelling, concept art and character designs. She is a graduate from University College Falmouth with a degree in Illustration in 2008 and has since been living and working just outside of London creating and painting under an organized heap of paper in my studio.

Her work plays with perspective, colour and light to create environments that tell a story through their composition. She also loves to create characters with personality and energy whether that be through what they are wearing, expression or gesture.

Here is Amberin Discussiing Her Process:

I usually start with sketching out a really rough idea of what the image is going to look like. I also add some values to get an idea of lighting and depth.

This is a second sketch where i’ve looked at the shape of the trees…

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Balance… And Flex

balanceforbetter, Equality and diversity, Flexible working, International womens day

Megan Rose Freelance Copywriter

Photo source: Pexels

Those of you who follow my blog will know I tend
to write about copywriting or about freelancing, and that my posts are often on
the short-and-sweet side, rather than the long and wordy. Today’s offering is a
bit different. Today, I have my soapbox out. Prepare yourselves.

The thing is, this is an issue close to my heart,
and close to the hearts of a lot of people I know, respect and value. And the
post has been fermenting for a while, slowly taking shape as I weave together
issues like flexible working, gender equality, balance in the workplace and
diversity in general.

Not much then.

Now’s your chance to step away. You have been
warned. If you’re still with us, fasten your seatbelt and come along for the

But with such a lot to cover, where do I start?
Well, gender equality is as…

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