A Beginning

Writing Drea

My name is Drea and sometimes I have a hard time calling myself a writer because I feel like I’m just getting started. There is so much I need to learn and experiment with… but I am still a writer.

Feeling like such a beginner is the main reason why I started this blog. I want a place to document my journey as a writer, what I’m learning as I go along, and the challenges I’m facing. I want a place to share my writing and hear from others as well as we try to achieve our dreams and goals.

A bit of background on me: I’m currently building a freelance career while writing poetry and short stories on the side. As of right now (March 2019) I haven’t published any of my fictional writing… YET. I’m still working on it and battling a major lack of self-confidence. I think…

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One thought on “A Beginning

  1. One thing to keep in mind. I find that when I recommend a book to my friends, and these are books that I believe have had a truly profound impact on me, they often don’t find them meaningful. In fact, they sometimes just dont like them at all. The lesson here? Writing is subjective, meaning is subjective. And If you find something meaningful, some people are going to agree, and some people just are not. And that is OK! Keep writing, and take pride in your work, some people aren’t going to like it, but trust me, you’re not crazy, there is definitely a lot of people who WILL WANT TO READ IT. And they might actually seriously be entertained by it, amused by it, excited by it, even changed by it. In my opinion, even if just one other person took something away from what you wrote, then you did a good thing. Or even if no one does, do you? Keep writing and never stop


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