While ghostwriters are oftentimes allowed to take creative liberties, it’s important for them to stick as close to the original storyline as possible

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While this varies between projects and clients, I like to break up a ghostwriting gig into increments. This is always something that I determine with my client upfront. For example, we might agree that I will submit each milestone of 10,000 words to them separately for their review before moving on, and it’s during each of these stages that I’ll get a portion of my pay. This allows for a broken up payment schedule (beneficial to both myself and the client), and also means that they can review the writing on a regular basis to be sure that they’re happy with it.


Anyone Need a Freelance Writer / Editor / Content Marketer?

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Evening Satellite Publishing

Well, I wasn’t planning on talking about this until after the dust settled, but I’ve had a change of heart.

I was laid off from my job last week. I am actively looking for a new position, but in the meantime, I need to keep my options open.

That’s why I’m officially offering freelance services in writing, editing, or online marketing. Here’s a little bit about my background:

  • I reviewed news releases for publication on PRWeb.com, PRNewswire.com, and MarketWired.com for three years. I reviewed approximately 10,000 press releases in that time, and I know what a good press release looks like.
  • I have also written two dozen press releases for various organizations across industries such as tech, fashion, and publishing. And yes, I even wrote my own press releases for my book.
  • I strategized and managed pay-per-click marketing campaigns and provided regular analytics reports for clients, curating nearly 1 million…

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Hello there!

Aurora Casim Writer

Welcome to my site.

For two years now, I am a well experienced freelance writer . I have written a book last year entitled “A Glimpse of Me.” It is a self published book both as hardcopy and as ebook.

I am also writing a variety of articles. I have written about trending and current news, lifestyle, blog writing (financial, travel, and lifestyle), business proposals, concept papers, academic writing, and copywriting. I also have literary works and short works on Wattpad.com (@AuroraCasim).

I accept any writing job such as resume writing, cover letter, personal messages etc. I also accept ghost writing projects and have done this for 2 satisfied clients.

Take a look around the site to see my works.

I am accepting projects as of the moment.

Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me at aucasim@gmail.com.

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Type of Works

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My name is Atreyee Mukherjee. And I am a writer.

My interest in freelance writing grew from a very young age as I started writing.

I have always encouraged new topics based on my specific genre.

I mainly write on topics based on Lifestyle and art and the influence of Writing. Review writings are also encouraged.

My main topics are about positivity, Love, Relationships, Friendship, Book Reviews for promotion purposes and effects of writing.

Other than freelance writing I am an aspiring poet. I produce quotes and poems. For that, you can click on my Instagram link in the contacts. Writing articles for freelance is not only a hobby but also a profession option for me.

If you have any topics to write essays or articles on you can hit me up. For sample works, I will soon be posting my works on this blog as it progresses.

In order…

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Freelance Life of Israeli Writer

The #freelancelife series on World of Freelancers gives you a look into the lives of people freelancing all over the world. Here I interview people working for themselves online in their own country, expats working online in countries not their own, and freelancers who work while traveling around many different countries. I hope these interviews will give you a good look into different genres of freelancing work as well as life in different parts of the world.