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The Garden of Words Not Yet Born

I’ve been writing on this blog for a very long time now, and was a great experience seeing so many people enjoy my writing. Every time you read my post it felt I was supported by a fellow friend. It has been such a pleasure that I want writing to be much more a part of my life, therefore I decided to look for projects to do freelance work on.

Even though I write mostly novels, essays and poetry on this blog, I am also available to do non-fiction. I have degrees in computer science and biology, so am able to write about technology as easily as I write poetry.

If you want to see an example of a specific style or genre, ask me and I’ll point you to a relevant piece of work I did. Please send any questions to

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I am finally a freelance writer

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The Cat's Write

It happened. I wrote an article and I was paid to do it. Albeit, I was only paid $10 and the article was small (300+ words), but any writer will understand that it’s a big deal to finally get paid for your work, especially when an opportunity for ongoing collaboration may be involved!


You can find the article in question at the Tutor’s Field website, where I recounted my experience studying abroad in England. It’s so strange seeing my own work posted on another site – and listed anonymously too!

But how did this freelancing come about!?

Last year I made it very clear I was having trouble even joining some freelance sites (a.k.a Upwork), which continue to maintain (even years later), that they are flooded with ‘too many writers’.


After months of trying and multiple attempts to verify my account using a number of different strategies recommended to me…

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